The Art of Change (…”courage comes later”)

Gloomy Sundays have their use. They are good for reflection. They are not good for varnishing paintings and because of that I get to reflect and think and plan. But I’m not planning my next art piece, nope, I get to plan my next journey.

We are moving out of state. A thought that’s thrilling and frightening all at once. It’s a big gamble but the ability to look into the possible futures of my family members and do what feels right is adulting at its most intense.

The anxiety lays with the resistance of the teen whose ability to look even 5 minutes into the future is nonexistent. An expected reaction that is trying and a bit tiring. But, as adults, we understand and empathize as we gain even more gray hair and wrinkles from our attempts to dispel the myth that turning 18 magically transforms a person into an adult that can make rational decisions.

It’s an age old issue (there may be a pun in here somewhere) and makes me wonder how this will manifest in the artwork as well as the family dynamic…

The first box has been packed and everyone wrote messages on it. It’ll sit in storage for a while so revisiting it will be a small capsule of time we can reflect on while enjoying another rainy Sunday… in another state.

…and I got one varnished yesterday before the rain and humidity kicked in.


Long Key Sunrise

Waking up for four days on the Atlantic was so relaxing and peaceful. I keep traveling back to the memory and creating a perfect meditative place. I find it is a necessity to create a calming place to escape the increasing toxicity of our world. A few moments of peace and I am ready to face the next hurdle.