My Digital Life

Yes, I find flowers inspiring. Such beauty and function. I also like layers.

What to do when I can’t pull out a canvas and paint…I use Procreate on my iPad. It’s a great portable paint studio. I can still create layers of texture and layers of color and explore. Best of all I can get the work printed!

I had this whimsical beauty printed on a gallery wrapped canvas, 12×12 inches. Love it.

I use Printful which syncs with my Etsy shop.


Brief Painting Process

Yes, I know, the vase would fall over . But who doesn’t love bunches and bunches of flowers?

The process is , well have a look…

I like to work intuitively, layering cool colors then warm colors. I add marks and shapes and just have freedom to explore.

Then the shapes start to show off and say, “Hey! This is what I want to be.” My work creating a butterfly garden with students and time on little adventures outside taking endless photos of the beauty that surrounds me heavily influences my painted world.

Peace and love,


Just Go

Have you ever spent days (weeks, months, years) planning and researching and scheming and reading and writing and, and, and…?

I have (and still do) and I find it prohibitive after a while. If you want change you have to make it happen. You just have to take that first step. Then you have to take the next. And you have to keep on stepping no matter what.

And yeah, you’re going to step in some shit along the way.

You Must Make Deposits if You Want to Withdraw

Do you take enough time for yourself? I don’t mean relaxing on the beach or snoozing by the pool. I mean time to relax but be aware and really look around.

My kids think we went on a walk for physical exercise. Nope. We went on a walk to explore. To see what was around us. To smell the pine needles and see the wildflowers up close. We chatted and laughed. We saw butterflies and heart shaped leaves. We worked on filling up our visual dictionary.

Creativity is so downplayed. Just having the time to be creative without expectation, without explanation, It’s such a necessary part of me. So when I take little excursions I use every moment to look around. I listen. I touch.

Inspiration comes from many directions. It comes from experiences big and small. Where do you draw your creativity from?

6 Steps to Create a Mixed Media Painting

I’ve had several people ask how I make my paintings. So I figured I’d break it down into some steps. 

1. Sketches and a plan. I don’t always stick with a plan but the sketchbook is the birthplace of ideas.

2. Prep the canvas. I love this part. It’s mainly nonobjective and freeing. I work quickly adding the papers with gel medium and find my rhythm.

3. Paint. I’m still building up background, creating texture and movement. Also maintaining a sense of unity throughout.

4. Transfer or draw the image. I use paint or pencil to sketch the image on to the canvas.

5. Fill in and paint. I love creating deep, rich color using umber, purples or greens, and reds. I start the base with the darkest color (green) and then paint glazes over successive layers. It allows texture and color to peek through.

6. Now I just paint. Eliminating some background and covering the sides of the canvas. I will work with smaller and smaller brushes, picking out shapes, enhancing lines doing whatever I feel is necessary. I use acrylic glazing medium to complete the background allowing for the under-layers to show through.

There you have it, a small look into my process (at least for this painting 😊).

Peace and Love,