You Must Make Deposits if You Want to Withdraw

Do you take enough time for yourself? I don’t mean relaxing on the beach or snoozing by the pool. I mean time to relax but be aware and really look around.

My kids think we went on a walk for physical exercise. Nope. We went on a walk to explore. To see what was around us. To smell the pine needles and see the wildflowers up close. We chatted and laughed. We saw butterflies and heart shaped leaves. We worked on filling up our visual dictionary.

Creativity is so downplayed. Just having the time to be creative without expectation, without explanation, It’s such a necessary part of me. So when I take little excursions I use every moment to look around. I listen. I touch.

Inspiration comes from many directions. It comes from experiences big and small. Where do you draw your creativity from?



The assignment; collect trash from three areas over a span of four weeks. Catalogue the types of litter. Review the collected data. Create a bulletin board to explain the findings to a target audience.

A great lesson that involves predictions, data collection, analysis, drawing conclusions, and reporting what was found.

As I take a picture of student work I hear, “Mrs. Blackwell, get my nails in the pic!”

Forgive me feminism for I have failed.