My Digital Life

Yes, I find flowers inspiring. Such beauty and function. I also like layers.

What to do when I can’t pull out a canvas and paint…I use Procreate on my iPad. It’s a great portable paint studio. I can still create layers of texture and layers of color and explore. Best of all I can get the work printed!

I had this whimsical beauty printed on a gallery wrapped canvas, 12×12 inches. Love it.

I use Printful which syncs with my Etsy shop.


Brief Painting Process

Yes, I know, the vase would fall over . But who doesn’t love bunches and bunches of flowers?

The process is , well have a look…

I like to work intuitively, layering cool colors then warm colors. I add marks and shapes and just have freedom to explore.

Then the shapes start to show off and say, “Hey! This is what I want to be.” My work creating a butterfly garden with students and time on little adventures outside taking endless photos of the beauty that surrounds me heavily influences my painted world.

Peace and love,